Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

The product may consist of several elements and parts that have different warranty period.
IKU mobile devices are guaranteed for a period 12 month from the date of purchase and 6 months for accessories.
The warranty will be applicable only in the country where the device has been purchased.
Warranty Terms and Exclusions:
1) The warranty is valid if the required warranty proof documents has been submitted at the point of service (Eg; Original Invoice, Sales receipt or Warranty card with details like Date of purchase, Model name, Serial number and dealer stamp).
2) IKU and their authorized service partners reserves the right to replace or repair the defective product at their own discretion.
3) The replaced defective product or parts become the property of IKU.
4) The defect in a product that is under warranty must be repaired only at an authorized IKU Service Center.
5) The repair or replacement of a defective product under warranty will not extend or renew the current warranty period.
6) IKU and their authorized Service Center reserves the right to charge a service fee if the warranty of devices has expired.
7) IKU or any of their authorized Service Centers are not responsible for loss of any data during the repair or replacement process.
8) The warranty covers only defects in materials (parts) and design or manufacturing flaws. However, it doesn’t cover the below:

a. Repair, maintenance or replacement due to normal wear and tear or any other similarly related situations.
b. Defects caused by but not limited to mishandling, abuse or use of product in a way other than the normal purpose as per IKU’s instructions or user guide lines.
c. Damage or defects caused by improper use of the phone or connection with any non-original accessories that is not approved by IKU.
d. Repairs or reworks performed by any third party or unauthorized personnel other than IKU authorized Service Center.
e. Any failure in the product caused due to inappropriate installation or usage other than the instructions or safety standards mentioned in the user manual.
f. Damage batteries due to surplus charging, use of non-genuine chargers and or tamper to the battery.
g. Defects arising from improper software installation or any virus infections from third party software’s that are not supplied by IKU.
h. Product damage resulting from liquid, humidity, corrosion, oxidation, spillage of food and liquid or any chemical substances.
i. Tampering, altering, damaging or removing the IMEI number or EAN mentioned on the device.
j. Accidents, natural disasters, fire, water, lighting, power fluctuations or any other cause beyond the control of IKU.
k. Any negligence in maintaining the product and does not comply with IKU’s standard instruction guide.
Limitation of Manufacturer’s liability:
To the extent permitted by applicable law(s), the manufacturer will not under any circumstances be liable for any,
• Damages and or losses resulting from or relating to the loss, damage, corruption or deletion of data due to any defect in the product or due to any repair action performed on the product.
• IKU shall not be liable for any loss arising from the product and service covered by this warranty, including but not limited to Loss of profit, revenues, data, any indirect, significant or distinct loss or damage.
For any other information pertaining to your IKU phone or accessory, please visit or contact your nearest dealer.

Important technical info:
 1-Please use the same charger and battery which attached with original box, using other chargers or battery will impact device performance and it will make warranty void.
 2-When you charge the phone 1st time it’s very important to charge it at least for 3 hours to improve battery efficiency.
 3-Please avoid doing factory reset for the phone if the battery level less than 10% to avoid the software damage.